sunnuntai 26. lokakuuta 2008

ATC- Halloween - Girl and a Cat

"Silkkiturkki, ruususuu, pieni kissa Krumeluu,
pienen pieni kissa, istuu aatoksissa.
Miettii kissa Krumeluu: Missä on se suuri puu,
jossa niin kuin omenoita, kasvaa hiiren penikoita.
Puuta vain kun ravistaa, sata hiirtä putoaa.
Niitä sitten popsimalla, söisi pienen sienen alla,
kissa Krumeluu,pieni ruususuu."

torstai 23. lokakuuta 2008

Kollaasimania Haaste " Marilyn 4 x 4 "

Anskun Kollaasimaniassa oli haasteena tehdä 4 x 4 tuumainen kortti Marilynistä...tässä minun "Golden Girl"
Kortti on VAPAA vaihtoon toiseen 4x4 tuumaiseen Marilyn-korttiin !!!

perjantai 8. elokuuta 2008

Aphorisms, Quotes, Phrases

" As long as your going to be thinking anyway, think big."
" A world without color, a world without joy."
" All we are saying is: Give peace a chance." (John Lennon)

" If you carry your childhood with you, you never grow older."
"Iloinen mieli korvaa puuttuvan älyn."
"Imagination is the Eye of the Soul."

" I never changed my mind before, does it hurt ?"
" Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
"Life is far too serious to be taken seriously."
"Life is not a dress rehearsal." (John Maxwell)
"Live well, laugh often, love much."
" The best things in life are not free, just priceless. "

"Wish it... Dream it...Do it..."
" When life hands you lemons - reach for the tequila. "
"Where there is love, there is life." (Mahatma Candhi)

" A good laugh is sunshine in a house."
" May our home be warm and our friends be many."
" Bless this home with love and laughter."
"Home is where the brownies are."
"Home is where your story begins."

"Friends, like wine, get better with age."

"Women are made to be loved, not to be understood."
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" (Margaret Hungerford"

"Sex with a younger man can be fatal. If he dies, he dies..."

"Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly. "
"Enkeleitä on, mutta joskus heillä vain ei ole siipiä ja kutsumme heitä ystäviksi."
"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."


-Frank Lloyd Wright-

"Art makes life bearable."

"Art washes away from the Soul the Dust of Everyday life." (Picasso)
"Anything is art if an artist says it is."
" I am an artist. I am here to live out loud." (Emile Zola)

"One who plants a garden plants some happiness. "
"No rain, No rainbows. "
" I'm in therapy and gardening is cheaper than a psychiatrist. "
"Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you." " My home is my garden. "
"All things grow better with love."
"Pilvi voi peittää auringon, mutta ei hävittää sitä."

" We can not direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails."
" We can´t all be stars, but we can all twinkle."LOVE:
"Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to buy you another beer ?"
" Love like you´ll never be hurt. Sing like no one is listening. Dance like no one is watching. Live like it´s heaven on earth."
"Together is the best place to be."
" It´s never too late to live happily ever after."

" Waking beside you is more lovely than any dream."

keskiviikko 6. elokuuta 2008

Scrapbook Elvis, Marilyn etc..

Charles " Charlie" Chaplin
Audrey Hepburn

James "Jimmy" Dean

Another Marilyn page..

Elvis, the King !

Marilyn Monroe

First pages, All Legends

This is my scrapbook about the filmstars I like....

ATC Summernight´s Dream

ATC "Summernight´s Dream" (Traded)

"Jos me haamut loukkaamme,
Meille anteeks´suokaatte;
Luulkaa, että nukahtain,
Näkyjä nyt näitte vain.
Että tämä heikko ilvi
On vain tyhjä unipilvi.
Soimata meit´ette saa,
Toiste näätte parempaa."

Kollaasimania Challenge so far

Challenge nr 31 " Fish " (Available)
Challenge nr 30 "Circles" (Available)

Challenge 29 " Stamped" Here´s my ATC "Autumn leaves" (Traded)

Challenge nr 20 was Calling Card size " Car" (Traded)

Challenge nr 19 "Finnish Filmstar" Here´s Finnish actress Rauni Luoma at age 3. (Own Collection)

Challenge nr 17 "Man and Wife" ( Own Collection)

Challenge nr 16 "Wings" ATC "Wish and Hope" (Traded)

tiistai 5. elokuuta 2008

Altered Playing Cards

APC " Queen of Hearts- Diana"

APC " Ansa ja Tauno"

APC " Queen of Hearts - Marilyn" (NOT Available)

APC " King of Hearts" ( Not Available)

APC " Fortune Teller" (Traded to Sherry)

APC " Greenback Dollar

ATC The Brown Hat

This ATC "The Brown Hat" is traded with Pattie, who lives in UK !