torstai 21. marraskuuta 2013

The Three Muses: Gone With the Wind

The Three Muses challenge this week is: 
Gone With The Wind
It just happens, that the movie GWTW is my all time favorite.
I just love it and have seen it several times, never stop hoping that in the end
Rhett ( allways handsom and so manly, Clark Cable !) don´t leave, but stays with Scarlett.
Well, "After all, Tomorrow is another day..."

4 kommenttia:

Bill kirjoitti...

This made me smile! Very cool play on words.

indybev kirjoitti...

I love your tribute to GWTW! There is a rather tawdry TV show call "Cheaters" about cheating spouses, and Clark Gable's grandson is on it. His name is also Clark Gable. Interesting to see him, but somehow he doesn't have his grandfather's "manliness" !!

Taluula kirjoitti...

Oh ... I just love this! :D

Ozstuff kirjoitti...

A wonderful and funny Gone with the Wind collage!! (Love the firefighters).